Kentcore’s Valentine’s Day Playlists


No matter if you are lovesick or sick of love, Kentcore has all of your Valentine’s Day needs covered. Our staff put our heads and our hearts together to make two playlists for the holiday.

Our first playlists is for the romantics. We curated a playlist that’s just like a box of chocolates, giving you a handful of variety to spread to love with. Send this playlist to your sweethearts and enjoy this special day. Some of our favorites from this playlist include Kiss of Life by Sade, Crush on You by Lil’ Kim, Kingston by Faye Webster, My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker, and Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. We hope you feel the love while diving into our lovestruck playlist.

Our second playlist is for those who are indifferent to the holiday. We get it, Valentine’s Day isn’t fun when you are someone who is single or heartbroken. That’s why we have the perfect playlist to comfort you on this lonely day. We’ve got the perfect songs to sing your heart out to, whether you are alone in your room or jamming with a group of hopeless romantic friends. Some of our favorites from the playlist include Expert In A Dying Field by The Beths, After Hours by The Velvet Underground, Iwillalwaysloveyou. by Bloodhounds, Demi Moore by Phoebe Bridgers, and IFHY by Tyler, The Creator. Get ready to cry along to our heartbroken Valentine’s Day playlist.

Without regard to what playlist you’re listening to today, Kentcore wishes you a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Playlist graphics: Bowie Autenrieth

Playlist curators: Bowie Autenrieth, Lochlan Lemke, Cassie McCoy, Heidi Troutman, Colten Kee, Owen Osborne, Charley Fox, Brody Markovitz, Alaina Hoover, Emma Lamm, Grace Abbott, Sam Finkel, and Sydney Stevenson.